Matthew Mangione on the Importance of Being at the Forefront of Voice Tech

VOICE Global 2021


I operate under the amazon umbrella. Copper oppression is much larger digital marketing. The coast further that but inside the amazon realm where i exist and i am all things amazon so one thing. I love about amazon. I don't even understand how many betas and involved now but there's so many that are out there And in that amazon pay came into my roles in started talking to him and seeing dade since a report at just about and utilizing voice with amazon. Pay us i got in touch with catherine are rip over there for that and said okay. I want to talk to a couple of companies about points. I don't really understand it but this piqued my interest enough in. I saw the vision that they were speaking of. And it makes it makes sense to me. The friction lists transaction five or ten years down the road where where it will be much more than we go through these learning paints and they'll be that song was one of the companies was suggestion that sorry. John talked a couple of companies in that And once i spoke to two blue tag. I knew i liked the technical part in. You guys had that together some experience. Also the people which was really important to me an established the connection with our representative eric so Incoming into the icy in there. When i speak to mine executive team were making the decisions. I'm fighting for voice. They're still not is clear as i am about it. I'm actually at times. Allocate my time. Something else instead of this. And i'm fighting for all the time and i'm really standing my ground because it is something that might feeling is right now is so important to get involved with it. Because i don't wanna be behind anybody five years from now and ten years from now especially the friction this voice until we implanted in our head to be dolly originalist. We can speak it. And that is the way without ever having to go and type in anything so i see that and i see that across degeneration the late adopters at the end will be when i when i look at my my elderly friends and family and their adoption of facebook connection and now i see their powerhouses on. They're they're getting so much information making decisions on that. I see voice the exact same way once my grandparents as oats knows adapt this over and can realize they can just speak simply and get information. it in really order stuffing in be given services to them on request or reminders sent a reminder set have that system that just makes so much sense to me and i know it's not there so i want to be one of the ones on the front line battling going through learning these things trying things out making mistakes. Having great breakthroughs and be at the forefront as adoption curve continues to over which. I i don't see any other way that it will not just the technology is necessary and i think we'll be essential for everybody that five ten years

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