3 US Mass Shootings Occurred in Under 6 Hours

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Underway around the us after three mass shootings in just six hours. They happened in the cities of austin texas chicago illinois and savannah. Georgia i. Nine people were shot in savannah including a toddler and a teenager on friday night. One man was killed so far. Police don't have any suspects or many details about exactly what happens then early saturday morning. The one in austin happened police say two gunmen opened fire. On a crowded downtown street one person was killed and thirteen others hurt. One shooter who is younger than eighteen years old was arrested. The other is still on the run next less than an hour later in chicago to men opened fire on a group of people on the city's south side. One woman was killed. Nine other people were hurt. Police are still looking for suspects in that shooting to satellite. These three shootings are part of a disturbing trend in the us. The gun violence archive says so far this year there have been two hundred sixty seven mass shootings that group too finds a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more people are shot. And it's not alone and tracking the trend. Usa today spoke to a criminologist who blames a lot of divisiveness in the world. Today on top of more guns and warm weather he calls it a quote potentially deadly

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