Djokovic Defeats Tsitsipas in Five Sets to Claim 19th Grand Slam Title


And Novak Djokovic now has 19 Grand Slam titles. The Serbian putting an incredible performance yesterday to come from two sets down to beast, the final CityPass and when the French Open at Roland Garros It was the Greek player 60 passes First Grand Slam final. He was so close to winning it, but what happened started playing really shorts. I felt like my rhythm was self. I really wish I couldn't understand why things like this happened and evolved. But I was trying to figure it out during my game. It was difficult to come up with something. It's It's very unfortunate dream. Very sad and in the same way because it was it was a good opportunity. I was doing good. I was feeling good not to be four CityPass in Paris as we mentioned that is now. 19 Grand Slams for Novak Djokovic. He's just one behind Roger Federer. And Rafael Nadal now who both have 20

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