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I still. I felt like clippers gonna hit this shot. They're going to win in overtime and they made give up the ball. They may paul. George give up the ball. But there were making correct passes found monte morris in the corner shot fake. I thought lost bear. Thought he was going to get it off. I thought it looked pretty good when it left his hand and then go. Bear got his fingertips on the ball and that preserved. All the work donovan. Mitchell did slow start from mitchell in the first half but he poured it on in the second half ended with forty five points. He had a fifty seven point game in the playoffs last year. Another thirty fifty one point game of forty four point game. He went bananas last year against denver. He and jamal murray put on a show for the ages. A dual for the ages. Which jamal murray one. Because mike conley was really bad in the playoffs last year he wasn't he wasn't really didn't really have his feet wet on the utah team yet. It didn't seem like to me and jamal. Murray with yokich it was too much and they won but this year. The way mike conley looked the way jordan clarkson looked in the six man roland they just had a lot to get a lot in utah and a little bit different commonly goes down. And that's when you don't have your crime partner in the back court when you now have to do two jobs instead of one like. What are you gonna do donovan. Mitchell showed up like a superstar. He's one of guys in the regular season. He's an all star and in the playoffs he's an mvp. I respect that. Because some guys go the other way. Like chris chris paul george paul. George goes the other way. He's not an mvp in the regular season. But he's he's an all star plus he's not just like your common. All star is a little more than that sometimes referred to incorrectly as a superstar. But he's an excellent two way player. A great player but in the playoffs. He's never even quite himself like it'd be nice if you could elevate but if paul george could just stay himself. So what's paul. George paul george inefficient score twenty two to twenty four points a game. Most years right get like if you'd say what's paul george stat line right. Forty six percent from the from the field thirty eight percent from three. Let's say twenty three point something like that right like that sounds like poetry can even do that in the playoffs with real defense krista typical paul george kind of average. That's what he. Averages give or take some rebounds cysts he gave you twenty. He came alive in the fourth quarter but he gave you twenty points. He wasn't quite himself even yesterday. And and to be honest. The clippers are going to need. Paul george if they want to get out of the west. They need him to be a little more than himself. You'd like paul george. He's usually at twenty three point guy. What if he's a twenty five twenty seven point guy in the in the playoffs because donovan. Mitchell goes from like in regular season. Paul george better than donovan. Mitchell regular season is longer. He's a better defender. He's better and in the playoffs. If not close donovan. Mitchell turned himself into a superstar. Every sport has guys like this by the way and as much debunking as guys like bill. James have done about clutch hitting in baseball. There are clutch players there. are we meeting. If you can't prove like derek jeter or someone like that was their pitchers it's easier to prove who consistently when it mattered most showed up curt schilling fernando valenzuela duquet. All like pitchers who under normal circumstances that are at a certain level whatever that level is from good to great when it mattered most became john. Smoltz became super great mariano rivera probably the best example of that sandy koufax and. That's what donovan mitchell is. He's he's normally in all star when it matters most. He's a superstar and paul. George is the opposite. Paul george's all-star plus when it matters most he's not an all star sixers even up the series of the hawks who is an mvp when it matters most joel embiid embiid is a guy who the only reason he's not. Mvp year is because he missed too. Many games yokich played a full season is embiid would have been mvp but he missed a lot of games. Whatever torn meniscus going into this series diagnosed. They're not wondering about it. He has a torn meniscus. Thirty nine points in game one. And i was kinda mad at doc. Because i'm like doc you wasted the performance by almost three hundred pounder a seven foot three hundred pounder just two eighty pounds. You know like on a torn meniscus a giant who's a wide body like a lot of stress on that torn meniscus. Isn't there you wasted thirty nine points by playing this all bench unit. That was killed all game whenever they were in. But then doc did something he made sure there was at least one starter playing at all times during this game while forty eight minutes there was never a single second with just all bench unit and embiid scored forty so now. The question is wait a minute. Was that a waste of thirty nine performance point performance by embiid or is this just who he is and who is going to be in this series or in these playoffs. He's gonna give you like forty night. There's really like who's going to stop embiid from scoring forty at night and by the way. No simmons can't shoot seth korean. These guys can make you pay if you double embiid embiid contract it from the outside for a guy his size and he can post up and he is a willing passer. If you double 'em bead too early he is going to make you pay same thing too late. He's gonna find finally open man or he's going to score on you high basketball. Iq

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