Lina Khan, Prominent Big Tech Critic, Will Lead the FTC



Federal Trade Commission. As NPR's Bobby Allyn tells us, Khan becomes the agency's top enforcer after getting bipartisan support for her nomination from Congress. Lina Khan is a 32 year old Columbia law school professor who rose to prominence after writing on how decades old antitrust laws are capable of policing tech companies like Amazon. Her approached, adored by progressives, and some on the right has been dubbed hipster antitrust since it Bucks tradition. Most legal cases focus on whether a company's practices are raising prices for consumers but can argue that it doesn't matter if companies like Amazon are in fact making prices cheaper, She says the company uses press The Tory tactics to lock in its dominance and limit choice. Con is expected to be a guiding force on the FTC as it reviews acquisitions by companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. That's Bobby Allyn reporting. This is NPR.

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