A highlight from #15: What Am I Missing?

On The Verge


I am going through living through. What is coming up for me. And i do it just because we share so much of the same experiences in our lives and story is how we learn from one another and i have a great story to tell you today and a story about something that happened to me on the beach the other day that was so subtle and simple but really so profound for me but before we get into that. I want to remind you that these podcasts are brought to you by amaury. Global remark global is the mental wellness. Company that is building peer to peer networks around in class products that are focused on the gut brain science. The new science of the gut brain connection and these products deserve to be in people's hands. So take a look at the show notes. learn more about amaury. I m one hundred percent committed to this company to these products. I take them every single day. And at the end of this show you can put yourself into a small pool of people and earn a spot to receive some free product. So listen up all right. Changing tides changing tides is what i want to talk to you about today. Last week i was sitting on the beach. You know we are here for a month on the north shore of long island. Brian and i are living this location. Independent life which simply means we have no house. We have no home base but sometimes we are we are committing to a month or two or maybe just a few days in in an area. We are here for a month on long island where i grew up and We found the sweet little spot right off the long island sound so i've been sitting at the beach more often in these waters are like my waters. You know how we have those places where we feel like our dna is is to so connected to will. These waters are my waters. And last week i was sitting at the beach late day with my mother. My two daughters were in town and we were chatting and we were sitting very very close to the edge of the water and the water kept coming up. The tide was rising and so we had to move our chairs a few times. It was kind of a joke. Because i love sitting right up against the surf. The edge the verge the verge of the water and we fell into silence just for a few minutes. We all were doing our own thing. Probably you know my daughters. Were looking at their phones. My mother was reading your ipad or whatever whatever it was and i closed my eyes and i paused just took that moment which i don't often do right speed through life and in those few moments of silence i felt something shift it was. It was visceral right. It was in my body. I wasn't sure what it was at first. And when i opened my eyes and i looked at the water and i looked at how the waves were splashing. I realized the tide had shifted. It had gone from running to receding. It was wild. Have to tell you. And as i looked at the water in the waves i realized. Wow that you've gotten softer just a little softer. And they had this sense of pulling back as opposed to pressing up. I've never felt that. My life i.

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