Jef Bezos Is Going to Space


Well here's a little bit of interesting news for you this. Ceo of amazon. Of course makes lexie has just announced that he is going to go to space now. This is interesting because he reportedly is going to be the most wealthy person and the first person to ride his own rocket to space the The launch is gonna take place on july twentieth and this is about two weeks after he will have step down as the ceo of amazon. He's actually invited his brother mark to be among the The crew members who are going to be taking this first flight. They've done fifteen flights of blue origin with out people without human beings on board. But this is going to be the first flight with humans on board. And i thought this is just really interesting news. I wanted to share it with you. Of course basis is the ceo of the company. That has brought us lexi. So my question to you is what do you think do you think he's going to have a lexi device on board or will the rock voice controlled. I don't know but Interesting news anyway. I'll be curious to see how that lodge

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