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Need. I think college is upset and bead. Well, right on top of them. They just went by ship, you know? Look at each other. No big deal and speaking of game sevens on the horizon. We're also being told that Dad. Bogdanovich, the sharpshooter as right knee soreness will not return for the balance of Game six. Going under four minutes to go in Atlanta, 92 85 6 years lead the Hawks. And now a foul on George Hill as he was holding up Danilo Gallinari trying to receive a looping pass from up top. Both teams are in the bonus here. So JB that goes under your silly foul category. Well, and that's Gallinari. I know Atlanta is 11 22, but Gallinari, a terrific free throw shooter. He's made both of his tonight. That's just a giveaway at two points. Third foul on Hill. Gallanar is free throw front rim back room and softly nestles in to get Atlanta down to a six point deficit. Scenario is a thin the NBA free throw shooting during the regular year. Three for three off the bench and double figures with 10 1 more free throw coming on its way and good and it's a five point game. 3 50 to go. In regulation in Game six. Six, is trying to hang on and force a game seven the Hawks trying to book a spot in the Eastern Conference finals. Here's Seth Curry passes to the corner. George Hill sends it across the in line to defy his Harris, who drives and floats it in Harris putting Philly up seven. It's a bias has been terrific in attacking the paint in the second half Trae young pushing the action and a whistle carry. They called it carry me. Wow. Trae Young as he came across

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