Can Fasting Improve Autoimmune Conditions?


Does fasting impact commune system. Will we know fasting when we when we do. Intermittent were especially extended fasting. We're going to up regulate automa- in autophagy is our bodies self eating and healing and cleansing process. It's also going to reduce inflammation and. That's because we know that insulin. This hormone that takes sugar out of the bloodstream and puts it into the cells. Also triggers inflammatory gene pathways ramps up inflammation in our body. When we're not eating. We lower we lower insulin and therefore we lower inflammation. now there's also studies about. How fasting improves the microbiome. It's like in a sense kind of like mowing and weeding your lawn. Right it's regulating your internal microbiome and ten and actually studies are showing that it favors. The development of good healthy microorganisms like ackerman zia recent affiliate which helps produce healthy mucus lining for your gut which helps prevent against the formation of leaky gut. So we get an improvement in the microbiome improvements in the tight junctions and the stability of our gut. We reduce overall inflammation and we also regenerate immune cells so when we have autoimmune conditions or chronic inflammatory conditions. We have a whole bunch of bad immune cells that are traveling around in our system and when we fast our body actually regulates starts to destroy more of these bad immune cells and forms newer healthier immune

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