'American Marxism' Is a Book of the Times


You know what's interesting about the media? American people hate the media. You know, it's interesting about Hollywood. The American people hate Hollywood. You know, it's interesting about movies. People aren't watching a lot of movies anymore. So the culture Is dying of its own white Academy Awards. Nobody wants to watch anymore Global when nobody's watching this stuff. Nobody cares. The indoctrination is going on in the classroom. That's where most of its taking place And that's where we have the least amount of Influence so we can shop at school board meetings. I'm all in favor of that. Absolutely. And we'll get into that. But there needs to be more That's just the minimal. And there can be more. And by God, there will be more. I believe it. So I want to encourage you. Look, this isn't the Bible. It's not the Torah. It's not those sorts of things. This book is a book for the Times. It's the most important book I've ever written. The most thorough book I've ever written. Probably need to do a volume two because this book could have been 800 pages long. But who wants to read a book? That's 800 pages long, let alone write it. So we'll start with priorities. And we will push back.

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