A highlight from LCB Ep. 371 - Top 5 Movie & TV Cars, Fast & Furious 9 (F9) Review, Marvel's New Shang-Chi Trailer, and Paul Walter Hauser Interview


Nine movies are back biggest opening weekend at the box office. Since the rise of skywalker. I know that obviously that doesn't mean a ton however it's cool to see people went out to see movies or reviewing that or doing a tv and movie cars draft and then we also talked to walter houser really fun interview with paul author hauser. I think people are gonna gonna love this one. the god. Yeah he was he was was he doing hot boy summer. Yeah then. He said he was getting into hobby. Summer maybe was that but it seems like him. Yeah yeah fast nine. We'll get to that in a little bit though. But you're a ton. I'm at an impasse with that franchise So we have left to talk about with fast fast and furious nine but before. Get into that what's happening. What's going on anything. Anything exciting anything any worth talking about gaming update no. I haven't played a game since All the way since thursday but no because they released the mario golf. You see that. And i've been in meeting amid meaning to get that but i is that mobile. It's the nintendo switch. It's not mobile now. Now you gotta get switched to do that. I've been. I've wanted to get a switch solely for games like that shit. I'm gonna go get my switzerland. So i love mario tennis. But the last mario tennis wasn't it wasn't actual tennis while courses not actual tennis. Because it's mario tennis with luigi but it was more like rock paper scissors. There's too many power ups and so it relied more on lake luck in rock paper scissors type game play mechanics than actual tennis So actually cited for mario golf because i liked it when we were playing the pga game last year. But that was too hard. And so i need. I need medium. Yeah nice little colorful happy medium. they should make a. We've talked about this before Mario super strikers. That's the go next. I think so too. I think they should do. They should just have a complete slate of mario sports games that they update ask every four years. You need updated annually but ordered. They should just give the nfl licensed to nintendo and have them do like a mario nfl game. Where like larry asli odd licenses. That that the which famously like you right now could be worrying olympic rings on your shirt and we can publish the video on youtube. And there's like a twenty percent chance. They tried to sue us. Like that's how strict they are. But then the ioc gave gave all the olympic logos in rights tamari to nintendo and sega and mario and sonic at the olympic games would game with it with the beijing olympic. They did. They've done everyone since beijing rings. I think it congress time mario and sonic were in a video game together. Which if you were if you were ten years old and nineteen ninety. Four whatever a dream. You never thought you'd see come to fruition but then when it actually happened it happened in the latest way possible and so it was never actually just games. Yeah yeah well yeah. It was like i'm like ten. I'm like man. I'd love mario and sonic game together. But i know it's never going to happen. And then the monkey paw curls and it's like what maurienne sonic did

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