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Hidden Brain


This is hidden brain. I'm shankar vaidyanathan. There are two kinds of challenges. We face one kind involves a novel problem. We don't know why we're sick. A new disease suddenly sweeps the world and it doesn't have a cure novel challenges call for discovery invention as a species. We are very good at coming up with such discoveries but many of the setbacks in our lives are not caused by such problems that caused by problems whose solutions were discovered a longtime ago. Think about the leading causes of death in most countries the connected to smoking diet and sedentary lifestyles. We know what we ought to do to live better. We should eat right and exercise. Get a good night's rest live within our means. So why is it so hard to actually do those things. Some of us figure out that we have two selves and that they are in conflict and this is a challenge. We need to resolve but some of us go through life without paying a lot of attention to this fact or trying to find ways to overcome in this week on hidden brain how to engineer our lives and our minds to do what

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