More Evidence Suggests COVID-19 Was in US by Christmas 2019


A new study suggests that Kobe nineteen cases were in the United States weeks before health officials recognize them the first U. S. case a corona virus to be identified was a man from Washington state who returned from a trip to Wuhan China on January fifteenth a new study published in the journal clinical infectious diseases looked at blood samples from more than twenty four thousand people across the country collected in the first three months of twenty twenty the researchers found seven participants three from Illinois and one from Massachusetts Mississippi Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had evidence of coronavirus antibodies in their blood lead author Kerry all toft says one of the Illinois cases was affected as early as Christmas Eve some skepticism greeted the reports researchers said they use multiple types of test but some experts say can be difficult to distinguish between antibodies from different types of corona viruses the results do match a CDC study published in December of twenty twenty that suggests the corona viruses in the United States as early as December of twenty nineteen I'm Jennifer king

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