Finding Your Niche with Lindsay Silberman


Would you tell someone to find their nation developing lung. Think the first day. I would say you know you have to ask yourself. What is the one thing that you know or that you are an expert in that is unrivaled to compare to other people and i also think at least one of the things for me that made my audience so much more engaged people were so drunk falling at is sort of pulled back the curtain on a lot of things in the influencers space. That people weren't talking about the people. Were curious about or to send no and i was all about like sharing information sharing everything i've learned sharing travel tips beauty tips. You know just anything that i felt. I wasn't expert in that other people might not be and that i think something that really can be parlayed until a lot of what your team does is pulling the curtain back on. What your everyday as what people can look for when they're looking to sell or looking to buy. I mean i was just last night. I was thinking. Like if i had a chance to to follow a really prolific broker agent. What would i wanted to refer them. And i was like i have hundreds of questions in my mind like so many things you know what increases the value of a home when you walk into a space like what is the biggest selling point for your just things that i'm sure she to. Everyone here are so obvious monday. But to a lot of average people like we don't know lot of those things. I think just on your just really like honing in on what makes you unique your expertise and then sharing a lot of that with your audience

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