Controlling Humidity in Your Home With Marc Marchillo From Aprilaire


Welcome to around with energy and carolina. Be your moment proven source and healthy home source every single weekend. Thanks for joining us. I'm eric carolina. Y'all heard good man. It is a wonderful day and we've got a fun show ahead with markman chiloe. We have him from april air. Welcome to around the house blow as happy to be here. I'm mark 'em ateya. We're going to talk a little bit about healthy air in your home. And i know there's probably so much to learn from from both of you guys today because you guys are much more the experts with this today. Let's talk a little bit about april. Eric has man. You guys have a good thing going over there. We i mean we are the originators. We started in nineteen thirty eight. You believe that. Nineteen thirty eight. We got gig. Used to be called research products and a few really cool things. Like we invented. And patented the whole home humidifier. That was a good one. Smart came up with the first pleaded filter. So we've been really doing a lot of stuff for a lot of years and we are basically the you know. The indoor air quality product authority of in america is a cool cool company at. I love what we do and we all know to now because of covid Whether people like it or not. But it's really forced indoor air quality to the forefront right and we realized how important it is now Even though people like you and i were educating people long before covid now it seems like everybody's on board that we have to do something. Yeah you're right carolyn. I mean the industry is really taken a shift. It's now sort of being pulled by the consumer. I mean consumers understand is not an indoor air quality accessory. it's an indoor air quality. Necessity industry are sort of being pulled by the homeowners. Because homeowners are super smart. I mean think about it a year and a half to sit on line in their house doing nothing researching stuff so so contractors need to be smart as the customers now. And that's where this indoor air quality thing is just taken off

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