A highlight from Ep. 157 How It's Like Working with Instacart


Hollow lower by. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the lease in grace episode but in graz episode but welcome to episode one fifty seven. All delay allegri podcasts. Always on the gray here or short known us just leon but however so today I'm going to beat talking about Instacart and supposedly. I was supposed to work on episode one fifty seven. Friday have it published but due to Insofar that got me busy and haven't had time to post Episodes more freaking frequent fashion and so then yet again. I just been delayed and i got tired after doing several cars last week. And so today i wanna give you full on details on audio. What is like working with instacart. So before we begin into discussing on instacart. I want to go and give you a shallow to day partners i am sponsoring with and so today i am wanting to give a huge huge shoutout to zanny and scrooge case so let me go into detail about zero and those that don't know what zana's is right now. Zinni is a anti blue light protective glasses. That protect your eyes from Whenever your work on the computer for long periods of time or whatever it may be you're doing gaming or Doing whatever it is Or even music productions dot right there. If you're working on the computer for batch dono person let's say about two to three hours minimum You'll start to feel the effects of your eyes and with me working on computer for a long time. I feel it's anyone can feel at all if you're in front of a computer screen for long periods of time. Just as good. I love it. i recommend the for. Denny's what you're waiting for. And i'm sure that you you or your significant one will love as well next and foremost it is Scrooge case sketchy if not heard of scrooge case this will be a good time to get into case because scrooge is an awesome. Awesome a little. Kick stan cover case phone. I love it. They have tons of Skins that you can choose for For your case not just skins by have on many colors and the best part about scratch is at is not just a Protective case also comes with a kick stand so lets you let you stand your phone anywhere. So you don't have to leave it flat on the table or fly anywhere else. So they'll kick stan. Amazing is not just a stand as well by. If you are traveling like i m you can go ahead and use the stand To put it into your dashboard. And if you don't want if you don't like the option into let's just say amounting your car right in front of your dashboard and having deal with the he sieve Glue that comes with those Mount does gps mountains. Not to worry. You do not have to ruin your dashboard. He could stick to kick. Stand right roy Right in front of the of ventilators of the car. And that's it. It makes it super super simple You'll fall in love with coach. That's at go ahead and pick yourself a scrooge case right away what you're waiting for scooters and you will love now going through today's sponsors let's get right into what is instacart and instacart. It's just been growing with popularity for some time now as and for those that don't know what it is about now here in the states. Insecure it's It's is a grocery delivery application which I've would i like the concept a lot which However this right here. I actually embrace that on toll later on but the idea is actually really really simple. I've really fascinating which if you are someone. That's looking to for instagram vacation. A having your deliveries right to your door or picked him up yourself. Instacart is it is it. I'm gonna get in today's show and step by step. What might experience about instacart has been like so far. And so i've done right now as of as of now i've done about over forty five And they've been pretty good experience. Actually in this case. I think It's a car at some something i've Enjoyed using a lot. I think the education The application is really really convenient.

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