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You know jay. I'm kinda surprised there wasn't more cosmic fall out from that whole decimation thing. After house of m you mean when scarlet which cut the mutant population down to almost nothing. There was a ton. There was the mess with the celestial. There was the whole collective business. Oh and it brought back. Oh a vulcan. Right no him. It just woke up but it wholesale revived phoenix onslaught. Why not i'm jay additon milestone folks and we are here to explain the x. men because it's about time someone did welcome to episode three hundred thirty three that's three threes of j. and miles explain the x. Men where we walk you through. The ins outs red cons of comics. Greatest superhero soap opera. So a couple of things first thing. As a third of the way through next episode we will be one third of the way to our millennial anniversary. Shouldn't we be talking about that next episode. Then you haven't thought of it now. It was exciting. There enough. the other thing okay. So listeners janai usually check and you know see what we thought of the various issues before we record and somehow i will lag came up. I didn't realize that all leg and there's just fluffy feather stuff over their legs and if you pull the fluffy feather stuff up have these incredibly long legs and they look like frigging eighty s t walkers from star wars yup. It's it's troubling but intriguing. Owls are great. They also make just a wide range of really really horrible. Sounds i definitely respect that in an entity right. Yeah well. i don't know if the sound coming from these issues are quite owl horrible. In fact i think they're pretty good. So let's talk about some x men but first let's talk a little bit about what happened. Previously unexplained well back in uncanny x men number three hundred fourteen. Emma frost was coach at the time. Took over iceman's body and when doing so. She used his powers and innovative ways that he had never even considered. That's been messing with bobby. Drake's had ever since he got his body back and he and emma have had a few confrontations over it to. Nobody's particular satisfaction. Do you remember that one time. She cruelly didn't pick up the phone even though she didn't actually know it was him calling yes. It was very ominous. It was very ominous. That's not all that iceman's been through though because as x men volume two number fifty. He is seriously injured in a fight with the herald of onslaught. A guy named post with weird little chip scale computer thing is all over his body of poke two colon iceman's chest and since then bobby's been afraid to turn back into his human form lest you also have hole in his human chest which tends to go worse also due to editorial fiat and the comics could authority. He's not allowed to come out that as well. And we'll actually talk fair bit about that in this episode At least how it's handled in the story. Meanwhile dark beast. That's the hank mccoy of earth. To ninety five the age of apocalypse is living on earth. Six one six and cosmetics altering himself to more closely resemble his standard counterpart. He's taken earth. Six one six place locking the original up in fact. Walling him in at growl and post style on the x. Men dark beast has done this for a couple of reasons. One is that he's evil and enjoys doing evil things. The second is that he's hoping to make himself a little less out of place in earth. Six one six lest he be found by the mister sinister earth. Six one six. That's because back. In the age of apocalypse dark beast worked for that world's sinister and was not a big fan. He was actually terrified of sinister. Will We'll see how that plan goes this episode. That brings us to uncanny x men number three hundred thirty one the splinter of our discontent. That sounds more like a ninja. Turtles story title. It really does either way. The issue is written by scott loved l. penciled by bryan hitch who you might recall from the x. men versus bird series inked by paul near colored by steve book lotto led by richard stockings and comic craft. And i have to say of all the issues. We've covered so far. I think this provides the best justification for the podcast decision to essentially merge coverage of x. men and uncanny x men. I mean we have ice having gotten his chest blown open. In x number fifty we have the crimson dawn stuff as far as sidewalks injury from uncanny number three twenty nine and a three thirty. The dark stuff from x men unlimited. We can throw that into and to a lesser extent. Acts force generation acts show up from their books or the other to sort of school ish books in the x. line. I know we've talked about how that kind of bugs us but honestly it really makes the ex world feel connected and a little more lived in for me and this issue anyway. When it's you have to read every book of every sierra series to follow anything that's going on. I think it's obnoxious when it's like this. I think it works fairly well. Yeah i mean. I think the story does a good job of at least explaining through context. What's going on. And of course those delightful little editorial captions so most of this issue takes place at frost enterprises where iceman has turned. Emma's office into a very creepy winter wonderland his there because wall. He has figured out some new ways to use his powers. For instance he can freeze the flow of blood to people's brains.

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