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Eighty four this week. Five eight of the away. Eighty five. And i'm like no cat. I think we did eighty four last week. Maybe four i was right. I was well. I used to keep track with my tv stations eighty four. I don't even think we had that station. That was like an hour just outside television. You know that was something over anyway. That was a known. The whole. I've tangent eighty channels were. They used to show like They used to show like soft core porn on tv and it was like he used to like scan out like. You could like still like if you'd like really kind of you can see like a boob like kind of like go cross screen yet. It was really interesting. I used to be like ten. And i used to be like what is going on the. I can't say. I peruse the eighties apparently. But there's like in the eighties and nineties. Tens the best of porno eighties nineties. That's when their commercials girls going wild and stuff like super late. I watched like south park and stuff. No-one turned out. Other where your soil. Your mind is such a young impressionable. I s i. I ever watched this third grade and showed my dad my dad. This is hilarious. She does this type. This is fucking funny raised. You also This week lots to talk about is there. I'm on the edge my seat. Can you fill me in on what we're talking about. Wow mr yeah yeah so. Let me pull out this. I'm on ruffling this giant. Scroll wow we have your Where do we even get started. There's just so like. I feel like i'm actually youtuber. Now mr fruit. 'cause i finally understand what it's like to be a youtuber in the sense that if you upload anything you like nobody likes it. Odds are if if you like it. Yeah i think. I think i've been losing like twenty to thirty day for like maybe like the past like month or something like that. It's like has passed today. I didn't realize the tweet you sent me that. It do be like that. I do be like ravaging at least minus ten thousand every month. Some some are closer to twenty thousand. What can i say baby. We don't need them. Get them out. He get him out. Get him out. Get to mill celebration like down in the back up by the dip by the get. Those accounts don't actually think you don't you. Don't dip in crypto d- mr fruit. No no not at all. But the dip now I wish i had invested in the medium. That is the absolutely mess does coin. I saw thing that was like if you invested a thousand dollars into dose coin. A year ago it'd be worth like two hundred seventy thousand dollars or something like that. Yeah well the thing is just beyond about those two like it makes no sense like there is no limit. it's completely artificial like no one's accepted as a currency. You can make as much as you want. It's does coin like it's so like and the the thing too is people are like making money. But the only people invest in this or other regular joes. So when you're making money that just means you're making money off some other regular joe who just lost a lot of money So it's it's bizarre We hall yes this point. Why not you know it's a marathon. It's best to just kinda right now. And i haven't at a market sell whatever show if it ever dips below whatever all year it out profitable. Yeah so but she like scary for a little bit there. The game stop one made sense of the beginning like the shorts and everything like we'll just behind. Yeah but then does coin. You on musk's tweet about it goes up. Yulon says like no it goes down. It's it's like it's did you. Did you watch. snl at all. No but i heard about some of it pretty gray student. I have not the only thing i like about. Snl is the weekend update. And like only the michael a and colin jost parts. I don't really like the skates in between but like that shows pretty bad. Nowadays man like snl has kind of fallen from grace in recent years. I think i haven't. I haven't watched gear sam and i never really watched that much but i mean i gotta give it to them like they go through a twenty thirty schizo week trying to find stuff for a show like it's obviously going to get to a point where it's like. What what now the do yeah. So so like they're riding on jedi hospital where there's like what's up bro. Best e like just really bad. That's just bad. And then like i love how everyone does coin was like the pump is here after. Snl this thing is going to be worth five bucks. And then handed. It had lost thirty five cents. Yeah i mean they would've calling it pump and dump like they know exactly what is on saying like we're going to buy. You can buy tesla. Bitcoin and he's like no. You can't jokes their mind and everything. Everybody was freaking out. It's all the reason why i know. Anything about crypto. Because i follow a lot of skin people like by skins and they are really into crypto so they always like tweet about and stuff so that's always kind of up to date on

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