A highlight from Episode 330: Amazons Matter plans and how IoT helps first responders


We've been waiting a couple months for this but today yeah i gotta get off my high horse on amazon with not talking about matters support because you had a. I had a chat with somebody i did. I had a chat with to somebody's at amazon. And this week is amazon's gonna screw. It's madam a live. So the digital assistant amazon. Has we try not to say it's name because we don't want invoke everyone's echo devices. She'll she'll not be exactly but this isn't a voldemort situation. This is just a politeness situation. So madam a. They're having a conference dedicated to madame a this week and as part of that they announced their plans for supporting the matter protocol. And if you remember how could you forget. the matter. protocol is smart home. Interoperability protocol that was announced back in december. Two thousand nineteen by amazon samsung. Google and apple and the whole idea was like to get your smart devices to play together. So we've heard from google. We've heard from apple about their plans. And finally we hear from amazon and amazon says the most important information that you want to know is yes most of your existing echo devices will support matter. This includes all current generation echo devices. And all the way back. Actually the only ones that won't get support are going to be the first gen echo echoed dot and the echo tap. Which kevin. do you still have your tab. Let's see that's the one with the battery. So it's yes i do not have that one. I gifted that to somebody who could use an echo. And i understand why that may not support matter at this point. It's not applicable plugged in device. The first generation echo. That doesn't surprise me. Either because it was two thousand fourteen twenty fifteen. Yeah mine still. I still have one and it still works but apparently not getting the matter update and then the original echo dots as well which would probably built on similar technology to the original echo. Yeah yeah that's fine. that's fine. that's fine to know. Because most people. And i could be wrong and please let me know if i am. Listeners would be the first time won't be the last. I'm guessing most people don't have one go in their house. They may have some of these devices that are not supporting matter in the future but they probably have other devices that are true.

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