A highlight from Bathroom break


I'm sorry what did we talk about here on the fucking goddamn motherfucking podcast. Well the nice thing is we really cut back on the swearing. We really did. Sorry randy here muffs. Really sorry real. Treat for everybody. I think we'll get this shit together. Just come for the information about city council and stay for the swearing. Couple of good burps couple of good farts. That helps go through about sixteen hours of city government. At least get fourteen hours with a teaser for further nine. This monday is guess what we re going to tell you. All about the The public safety mill levy. That's coming up because you're not sick of hearing about that right. The two point. Oh little tiny discussion on useless comments and questions from council. That's a shocker. Cops talk about some caps discuss some Dish pizza some some upcoming city council candidates. Tell you meeting in basements Various things. I'll break it right down for you until you to vote for stick around for that and yet at the end Speaking of making shit way too long what do we. We've been doing this for about an hour and a half so wish to go down. Go down a lot of it. Keep fucking making nine our city council meetings. We didn't. I didn't even explain that the fire. Cps thing i'd note series. I could give you specifics on a couple of stats. So they're looking at mobile response. Teams they're looking for one of those They want ten personnel for staffing to lightweight vehicles. For that yeah. A fire protection engineer. Yep so he plan reviews commercial buildings and stuff right now. They send those out to third party. Yep so they lose out on that revenue which was about eighty seven thousand dollars in lost revenue. That would almost pay for itself. Really exactly a deputy fire marshal. Hey logistics

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