All About The Negroni



The negroni what well The negroni is a cocktail made with gin sweet vermouth and a type of amaro called campari Traditionally you can put other stuff in there But that's the basic basic stuff It is garnished with a slice of orange or a strip of orange peel. The ladder sometimes flamed. It can be served chilled and straight up or over ice. A single large cube is pretty popular. And it it's it's the drink is smooth and bitter sweet and herbal little bit. Spicy or spiced i guess rather But with this brightness underneath and not to get like poetic on y'all like right off the bat but it just it tastes like a like a summer night. I should have a next time. We play dunston dragons. I should have some kind of like poetry off. Oh no you have to describe the negroni. And i shall just from my dungeon masters edition. Oh gosh that would be something. That ben bolan would be amazing at and that i would be like. Give me a few weeks. And i'll come up with an amazing entry. I like all of you are really excellent at coming up with some perhaps less than traditional poetry but poetry now we are a group. It's true that's true. So let's let's let's breakdown all of those ingredients a little bit so So jen is a type of liquor made with a neutral spirit. That's then infused with any number of botanical 's during and or after distillation the primary unnecessary botanical is juniper a which is sort of brighton. Piney tasting ginneries. All have their own complex blends of herbs and spices and imbibers all have their own personal preferences. Some common additions include liquorice or a niece cinnamon. Citrus peel nutmeg. Saffron savory all kinds of barks and bits and

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