A highlight from Happy Hour #407- Encounter (Mo Isom)


Had an encounter with him at some point in our lives. Some of those encounters had been mysterious like we read about where saul encountered jesus on the road to damascus and acts chapter nine and he was never the same after that. I was on the floor republic bathroom february tenth of two thousand one. And i just started falling. I was watching my tears at the floor. And i just said god helped me and i have no idea why said it or like the woman at the well that we read about in john chapter four. Who met jesus and despite what her culture might have shamed her for. Jesus offers her living water and our life was never the same. It was surprising to me. Like my vision of jesus was sort like an ancient george w bush wrapped in a toga. And i'm just like the cantor. Jesus can't be interesting to me. Like i wanna marry a woman sunday. I'm very intellectual. This can't be true. But he just drew me in or like when simon peter meets jesus and has an encounter with him while fishing and he left everything to follow him. I would kind of walk into church. Every now. And then and i would just meet and i didn't know why my soul would just weep and i'd walk out of them and i never going in there again walking a drawn and you see encounters with jesus. They change us forever. These are stories of change and welcome to another episode of the happy. Our podcast. i'm your host jamie. And i am so excited to be with you today guys before we jump into this episode. I wanna tell you about something that we are doing over here on the happy hour. And i want you to be a part of it. We're building a church together. You and i were partnering with an organization called. Icm the global church developer and together. We're building a church in northern uganda. Now let me explain this little bit. We're not actually building a church rebuilding a church building because there is a church congregation that is alive and well there for thirty four years. In fact karuma church. It was founded from a group of refugees who were displaced from their home and they moved karuma for safety at the start of the war. Nineteen eighty-seven this. Church has been functioning in sharing the gospel and doing ministry within their community for thirty four years without a building. Now we get to change that together. We want to raise fifteen thousand dollars by the end of the summer. So i would like to ask you. Would you partner with us to build a church in northern. Uganda for pasture. Jeffrey and all people that attend to have a building to do ministry throughout the week. Every donation counts go to jamie ivy dot com slash. Build a church. All of your friends are going to go directly to helping this. Church be built in northern. Uganda you guys. Today we have a great show for you in fact mo i. Some ache is back on the show. She's been here before she's a former

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