How is Prince Harry So 'Normal'?

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It's so crazy to me that we're in this world. Where prince harry's like casually on dax shepard's podcasts. That would never have happened a few years ago and to me that is such a small thing but it's so representative of really there into la life. Into hollywood i don't wanna say into normalcy because none of this is normal but just even the ability to be able to go on a podcast. Which would have never happened interesting. That you say this shift into normalcy. Because that is the thing that always surprises me about prince harry especially with what we've seen of him recently. The interview with oprah the new show us with over coming out about mental. Health carpool karaoke. He did the normalcy of him. Is it just catches me off guard every single time and obviously his life whether it was a royal life or in. La life is not normal by any means. But there's just something about what he's saying and the way he speaks and the references he makes and the things. He's aware of in terms of media and entertainment. It just catches me off guard. Because i don't expect him to be aware of any of those things when you think of prince harry in the lifestyle that he's lived. And what your view of the royals are you. Expect that all of these funny references that he makes talking about joe rogan talking about when he was games courtney new the fresh prince of bel air themes on you expect these things to be things that are just go over his head entirely because he wouldn't be aware of them and so for him to be talking about these things in such a normal way was my biggest takeaway from the whole interview.

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