Robby Steinhardt, Violinist and Co-Lead Vocalist of Kansas, Dead at 71


Guess this is this is partly personal. But I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who is interested in this story. So I'll share it with my fellow fans of rock music. And especially back when I was really, you know, getting into it back in the seventies. And I've been I've been a radio listener as a kid from Cali. I can't remember 56 years old, uh, listen to a lot of great music of big fan of top 40 radio back in the late sixties. The Motown sound. Then, as we got in the early seventies, I got my little transistor radio and got into more of the Beatles. The Eagles as they came on in the mid late seventies, especially but also, uh, Kearney and wings and triumph and yellow yellow was probably one of my favorites. But this band also held the spot. The band's Kansas. You probably remember this song dust in the wind, Give a listen to this violent solar. Really quick man who did that Robby Steinhardt. The original violinist for Kansas, Also, a co lead vocalists actually sings Believe vocal on this song as well. Backup vocal Well, we lost Robbie over the weekend, he died from acute pancreatitis. The founding member of the band and a rarity. I mean, a violin player in a rock band. How did that all come about? My parents asked me to play the violin, I guess made me play as of island would be more accurate. I was the first chair in my high school orchestra. My junior high school orchestra in my grade school orchestra. Remember when Philly heart call me and he said, I heard you play and I wanted to find out if you wanted to get together and form a band. I remember being in Lawrence, Kansas and seeing him playing and singing, and I just thought that is a guy that I need to be in a band with. I've never seen anybody else like that guy. I've never heard anybody play like that guy and I've never heard anybody sing that way, Robbie said. Do you guys have a tape? So I sent him a reel to reel and he called back. He said. Awesome. I'm in that piece Audio from the documentary Kansas Miracles out of nowhere. Robby Steinhardt was unusual. He played the violin. Yeah, we have fiddle players. But this guy was a true classical violin player in a rock band and just totally helped to, you know to to forge a new sound, of course. As we mentioned dust in the wind, but carry on my wayward son, another favorite of theirs that I love playing the game tonight like that one as well point of no return. So the list goes on and on just some great music. Romney Robby Steinhardt dead at the age of 71 from pancreatitis, So it's a little sad news there for you, and I'm like I say, partly personal. I wanted to put that on the air, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one Alan checking in with me saying Thank you. You're welcome, Ellen. I just Couldn't let let that go by

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