Drake Rents Out Dodger Stadium for a Private Dinner Date


Was spotted on a date in an empty Dodger stadium. Very player. Oh, my gosh. Like this guy can have a chick fil a open on Sunday. Seriously, the entire stadium is closed, and he and his date are the only ones on the field Crazy in the field of Dodger Stadium in front of the Dodgers dugout him his day and one server and the date though big. This is huge news is Amar E Bay. Please. Mom, Joanna Helberg. She He is a basketball player at Sierra Canyon, where LeBron James son also plays and we saw all those games that Drake and like Michael B. Jordan, we're going to when they were hanging up. She's fine. Big like she is so beautiful curve She got, like her great curb. Always drink. No, no, I said, I said hurt. She's absolutely beautiful. And obviously when the photos first came out when Drake was at Sierra Canyon there We're sitting right next to each other, and people couldn't stop talking about how beautiful she was. But it looks like Drake shot his shot and he got the date and he shut down a whole stadium for her. Did they get the video? The pictures? Okay. So a helicopter guy Chris Christie flew over from ABC took the photo and then post it up on his Twitter and was like Just flew over Dodger Stadium cut two people having a cozy dinner and then it turned out to be Drake.

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