Consumer Prices Rise 5% in Last Year, Fastest Rate Since 2008


And inflationary pressures. We didn't get the CPI. Remember that consumer Price index. So that's uh, that's inflation as measured at the consumer level, and that's where we all live, right. So is the most important number. I would guess. 5% in May year over year, so the fastest pace since the summer of overweight if you strip out food and energy to get what they call the core rate, 3.8% gain the biggest gain since May of 92. So go back much longer Time nearly 30 years, And if you start to piece through the entire report, you know it's kind of interesting to see used cars and trucks up nearly 30%. In the last 12 months. Energy prices are up significantly Gasoline up 56%. In the last year. Food prices relatively tame only up about 2.5% in the last 12 month period, so interesting reading as you go through it, and also But, of course, remember, the Federal Reserve believes that these rises are temporary that they will dissipate as the year goes on, Um and that a lot of this was caused by the pandemic, So we'll see if that turns out to be the case, and the market is believing them Because the

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