Jeremiah Flood on Developing the Mind With the Body as an Athlete


What got you interested in. The blend of cognitive development with physical development are basically combining these elements. We see in games without of training and everything that goes without with a mind body physical perspective. It started with rugby. Actually when i was transitioning from college. Football to rugby is awfully a huge difference in skill sets perception action for its catching keeping your eyes ahead of you and then passing. It really forced me to build that ability to scan the field. I didn't have that. When i first tried to play rugby and thought i could just use my speed and physicality but in rugby so i had to find a way to differentiate myself or just evolve myself and watch the best players a neighbor able to anticipate gaps set teammates up in gaps which is probably the most underrated thing about rugby is like i'll take these two on. You have a forty meter try. Go ahead so it would just watch a lot of film. The all blacks news from new zealand. Argentina guys wanna emulate and that led to reading the book legacy and they talk about it talk about keeping a blue head and i noticed in my games that i would not see the field. The field would be blurry so either. I was too stressed out. Didn't have control of my like breath or something like that so reading a book legacy keeping a blue head. That led to the book champions. Mind which i recommend for most athletes. It really gets down to the mindfulness part of being an athlete. How to set up a routine had a self talk is very important from their. Let the performance. The performance cortex the baseball book and hadn't realized that had no idea that decision making can be right. So those lead to Maybe there's something out there that i don't know an outlet again down the rattle of the playmakers advantage. That was the book really like set. Everything offered me. And then at that same time when i was finishing up rugby deciding whether to go professional or not i was working with these kids like the same that we we have now but three years four years prior. And and that's i started implementing things went based on feedback from parents that there is a disconnect between speed training performance trendy to the actual game.

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