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You never stop appreciating no matter how long we've done live shows. There's someone just like walk into the bathroom upstairs coming from a standup show. And then just that a suck that dick chant broke out. I like you. Someone is a swingers club. Someone someone up. There's gotta be like look. There is chatting white power so you came out a pretty good chance. Came on a hot sexy man. Came here thinking this with a swingers party. Be disappointed. I mean party. We do have a wooden cop though the peace to so i went downstairs. They said downstairs of a strip club. I was at once. They said it's a swingers thing. So i was with my ex wife and we went down there and observe. We had tony a nice fresh dinner roll with a pat of butter and we watched of the women. We watch we watch the plant. We watched the black cutoff keeps up. A black couple. Kept starting the fuck but there was a naked butt. Naked white guy chubby guy. Who paid to get in. I guess and like by himself and every time they would start fucking on the black couple he would squat down a catcher and just start flipping dick around and then the blackout will come on man. What you doing like be respectful. He's like sorry sorry back away and then they'd start fucking around again. He would inch closer and his squad star tug good taffy talk edging rape no. It was like he came the jerk. Off the couple's fucking. I guess that was his swing club idea. Do stripping heard weird parties. A club is a weird. Why don't you fucking have a little bit of sympathy for the guy who just want to jerk off to two other. People fucking doesn't have internet access to that you can get you think you can get with a black dudes and jerk off behind him while he's fucking that you don't know anything about black people man. Watch documentary song geisha would. He bought that ticket though he was probably just like boy. Oh boy oh boy got naked us. Who's going at it. But he the black couple come in and he was like he was the weird combo chubby hairless guy and real mere cat. He was fat but it was all tight. Is this a real place was it was it was i. Don't think exist anymore. I don't know do the strip went down but it was a strip club that was like blocks from my house in queens when you were getting the rigour tony could you hear people fucking. Nobody was fucking. Here's what happened. The strippers would come down. It was like their break room. Almost they would come down to. They were kind of laughing at the whole concept. There was nobody there except me and my ex wife eating rid tony. I'm so confused at why they have rigging tony nice buffet. They stir it and nobody knows they're fucking in the back same sound was it the strippers like when they come downstairs. The watch was like in like basketball games with little kids. Run on the court and shoot during in between quarters. Is that like pool game where you have to put four quarters on the table and go next what they do. Is they come downstairs. And they can't wait to judge people they find to be shittier them in there because they're fucking in a public place. They came down just made fun of the people what it seems to me. We overheard because we were by the rugged. Tony bar you see. How did you leave. did you leave. It was an open when we left full and we left a little carb heavy. If i'm being completely honest gas out. Here i'm taking a real place. We're pleased to bread. Yup when you're supposed to be kind of naked fucking honestly dip out. We watched that guy get yelled at by the black dude three times and then we we split. Did he split not before us now. Man i can't learn in for say when we were probably wanting saving his life or or maybe the black guy didn't want other people to know he was into that so when we left us sorry about that make it in here kissing me on the mouth. One come back. I'd taffy over here. You saw them people over there. Rigi tony in some weird shit. Wanna ruin their rigatoni but it was a yeah. The swingers party is an odd. We're not as party the swingers club. You didn't really go to a swingers club. You went to dinner. Show essentially

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