U.S. Vaccination Rates Fall Off, Imperiling Biden’s July 4th Goal


Connected. Stay informed the Northwest only 24 hour news station Coma news 1000 FM 97 7 National slowdown in Covid vaccinations could put the president's goal of 70% of Americans with at least one shot by the Fourth of July at risk. Cuomo's Bill O'Neill has more with Washington Post health reporter Dan Diamond, the slowdown in vaccinations. It's not a regional thing. It's very widespread across the country, isn't it? Oh, it's national. It's being felt in every state. But there are some states in some places where the slowdown is even more acute. So on the coasts like an estate like Washington. Things are much further along with vaccination and say in Alabama or Mississippi or Georgia. Of course, as more people are getting vaccinated, we would expect to see the rates coming down. But there is real concern about this at the White House, isn't there Yeah, I think it's fair that the more people who get vaccinated, the harder it is to win over the holdouts. The low hanging fruit has been picked, but we are still nationwide. Only at about 50%, maybe a little bit more. Of all people being vaccinated. So there there are many millions more tens of millions more people who could still get the shot and have not. And the reason folks in the White House are concerned is there is an expectation that the virus which is absolutely falling, it's great news. That cases are down deaths are down, but that it could

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