How to Negotiate With a Narcissist With Rebecca Zung


Find yourself a lot of time saying what is it that they want you know. And that is the flaw in the design when you are negotiating with a high conflict personality. Because is they're not looking for a resolution. They're getting narcissistic supply from watching you. Squirm from jerking around. Moving the goal posts seeing you be intimidated. That's the payoff for them. So when you're sitting reasonable person sitting on the other side going. What is it that they want. I'll just give it to them. Well go ahead and try to give it to them. And then they're going to be moving the goalposts and they're going to be saying well now that's no longer the deal and i changed it because you did this. You waited too long. Whatever they want to stay because the end game for them is that there is no end. And so that's Flon thinking of a reasonable person right from the get go So you have to understand that narcissist actually the easiest personality on the planet to understand their only driven by one thing and that's narcissistic supply. What is what that is anything that feeds their ego. So nurses have no inner sense of value. I always stayed there like the hollow. Chocolate easter bunnies like they look nice on the inside. They have nothing going on him yet. You know announce it look nice but nothing on the inside so you you have to remember that. There's like a hierarchy of supplies of them and great a diamond level supply for any narcissists is image. How do i look. I look to the community. How do i look people i respect. How do i look to people that. I think are more prestigious than i am Somebody that i want something from my please. My coworkers workers you know you name it but image is always gray number

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