Feel-Good Habits with Dr Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper


Going to share your five feel-good habits okay. Yes and i'm excited to hear what these odd. Because i think he must have to in channel sort of being a good mood. Because you the position that you're in bed with me with this one doctor people coming to you with issues. Then mood might be low. And i think sometimes it might be on you to both of them so i'm very interested to hear what you have. It's also where we started saying. What's number one. Well that is part of my healthy habits. Actually so so. I would say certainly. And i don't always get this but number. One is certainly. I think all of us know this. Get a good night's sleep I tend to have a little more on psalm. Neha i keep my phone. I try not to keep my phone your money but it's very hard not to do that. And being a mother a mom. I feel like it also makes you have a tough time to get arrested asleep but you feel so much better in the morning. I'm sure we all feel that. So that keeps you looking younger You feel healthier. Eat healthier everything. So that's the key right. Are these the kind of things you're looking for an answer like this sort of thing right one hundred percent so dave have a sleep schedule. So do you have a routine at night to make sure that. Get that sleep Yes i do have a routine. I don't know if it. I don't have a winedown sorta period. I just think that you know that's my only time to sort of relax in my bed and watch like a tv show. That doesn't require a lot of gang and Has nothing to do with pimple popping out just just just reconvening with my my husband and my kids and just trying to just unplug

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