America Has a Drinking Problem

The Experiment


Okay so when exactly did american start drinking. Was it at the start of america. Yeah literally so the reason sort of unbelievably or one of the reasons. I should say that. The mayflower landed at plymouth. Rock is because the ship was running low on beer people back then drink beer instead of water or they preferred it to water. Same and the sailors freaked out. And they thought that at the rate that they and pilgrims. We're drinking the beer. They won't have enough beer to get them back to england's so rather than sail on to the mouth of the hudson which had been the plan they pull the shore and kick the pilgrims off and that is why the pilgrims landed at plymouth rock. Of course the truth may have been a little more complicated than what was indicated in their diaries as they complained bitterly that winter about the beer and having been kicked off there were other things going on it was december. The weather was bad. The food was running low but the beer was a big part of the picture. People are dying in there. Like where's the booze yeah right. So william bradford who would go on to be the governor of the plymouth colony for thirty years that winter in his diary couldn't stop talking about the beer dearest diary. It has been another long and thirsty. Day here at the plymouth colony. How i long for the cool sweet feeling of a droplet of beer rolling down my throat part. That's not real. Almost half of the pilgrims were going to die that winter and the is what he was worried about now to be fair people back then. Were very leery of water. There had been problems with water. Purity in england and they thought that beer was safer nonetheless. They really enjoyed their liquor

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