The Miracle of the Sun


On a spring day in nineteen sixteen. A trio of children from the village of fatima headed out to the countryside with a flock of sheep. Nine year old lucia let her two cousins eight year old francisco and six. Jesse enter into the rich pasture. Land outside of their town deuce was daily routine for the three kids. Their families were shepherds and the children's spent most of their days with the sheep. They played games and cheese each other around the fields. It was a peaceful mostly uneventful life. Children and their families were devout catholics every morning before breakfast francisco and just jessica would say their prayers. Lucia carried a rosary with her into the passenger on this particular morning. It started to drizzle while the children watched the flock so they decided to hike up to a nearby cave and wait for the rain to pass in the cave. The kids took lunch break which included saying their prayers before breaking bread not long afterward gusts of wind began to shake the olive trees outside of the cave startled by the severity of the breeze. That children peaked outside to witness the storm but there was no storm as the kids stood in the mouth of the cave. The sky cleared in a blinding lights suddenly appeared above the nearby trees. The children were confused. The like wasn't coming from the sun and it didn't look like anything they'd ever seen but one thing was certain delight was coming toward them as it got closer. The kids saw take on a familiar shape until they could distinctly make out a human face then. The lights spoke. The children were terrified by its deep masculine voice. Little just seemed to start to cry. But the eldest lucia bravely stepped forward to protect her cousins.

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