Corrupt Government Hiding Their Flaws Behind 'Patriotism'; Contextualizing Capitol Police Medals


And corrupt governments always tried to hide their agenda or their flaws in the garb of patriotism. With the metal and I just wanted to bring up the massacre of wounded me where they handed out 21 congressional medals of honor with that slaughter to kind of hide what they did. And that's what they are doing right now for the police on January 6th good job. Good job. Nothing to see here. Why is it that these police are good police, But police everywhere else are bad Police. Can you explain that to me? I don't have the mental capability to to even try to go into that twilight zone. Yeah, I get I get it. So law enforcement stormtrooper section if they're defending a courthouse. That they should give medals of the defending the Capitol building. And I began the program by trying to give a historic perspective which the media will not give. Nobody else will give. To demonstrate that this was not an insurrection. You want to talk about violence shootings in the capital bombings in the capital. I'm not saying there wasn't violence associated with this, but it was nothing close to what we've seen in the past. And all that said. It's not an excuse. The problem is the exploitation by the left the exploitation by the attorney general, the United States and the exploitation by the media and their people today as we speak sitting in jails In solitary confinement. Those families are saying that they're being poorly fed and poorly treated. And we had terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, and we had hearings and concerns about how they were being treated and civil rights groups and advocacy groups. We have nothing. Nothing now going on. With these American citizens. It's disgusting.

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