Chrissy Teigen in Talks With Oprah to Do Big Interview


Chrissy teigen is in talks with oprah sitdown interview so crissy's very long apology yesterday after acusations of cyberbullying is not working which is why the star that troubled star. He's looking to the dramatically reset the agenda sources tell me the following quotes chrissy has been advised that it's best to go into hiding low and she's being told that if she shuts up past other shutting up is not exactly her style which is why she's talking to oprah to markle type sitdown interview to tell her truth. Sources go onto ad. Chris's a fighter and she believes that she's such an excellent communicator. She is that she can talk self out of any mess. I'm not sure that's true. She's reached out to several friends. Who have convinced that this would be a good idea. Donny what do you think you know. I actually i. i've always liked christie teagan. I think this time though. What she said was really hirsch harsh and was really hurtful and it wasn't just to one person it wasn't just courtney stodden it was lindsay lohan. It was fair abraham. It was this new guy from michael stellar from project runway. These are multiple multiple people. And i think now it doesn't matter what she does you either. You have made up your mind about who. Chrissy teigen is an additive. Her apologizing for the hundred time is going to change your opinion.

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