Putin, Los Calbos And Foreign Minister Laurent discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Why not well i. It's great that putin has to come first because he's always late I remember that summit. I was with president obama and los calbos in two thousand twelve. He was forty minutes late for that meeting so that was a good. That's a coup for the protocol team for biden by the way another footnote willie the fact that they have note takers in the room secretary blanket and and foreign minister laurent. I think that's smart to on the inference. That's a chain expect me. We want somebody to be taking notes and you also just to be serious about it. You want somebody. In the room who knows the portfolio in case putin goes into some crazy esoteric thing and he most certainly did that to president trump going to quiz you all deep deep. Does anybody know what an latte trias I guess is no But putin brought that up with president trump and had he had fiona hill in the room she could have answered that question for them instead of the mistakes that he later made in the press conference about that on the joint press conference. I think it's a mistake for two reasons one. I don't think putin is worthy to be on the stage with president biden. I really don't and to have that imagery of two equal leaders. I think sends the wrong message and to as you were talking about earlier. Remember putin's not constrained by the facts. He says whatever he wants he plays the. What aboutism game he compares things that are not comparable and you know i see it on my twitter feed apparently often it says. Don't feed the trolls. So why feed this troll Give him that chance to play the. What aboutism game. I just don't think that is in america's national interest. I think the president should speak directly to the american people after his meeting. I think that was a wise decision. Saying words at all basser. Michael mcfaul in geneva. Thank you very gruesome treaty. Jack and i my thirteen year old. We talked about it it. It's a mutual legal assistance. In your house we talked about this a lot but yeah we need to get jack going. He won't stop trading. I wanna i wanna put something that. I think some people miss this this ladimir putin and maybe i have something in common with him. These are approximate lateness to meeting. Tallies rudeness say this is very rude. I'm working on being more punctual. Chad but let me tell you i would. I would be four hours and fifteen minutes early to any meeting with angela merkel hours and fifteen minutes late tonight marco. Meeting in two thousand fourteen point does chancellor merckel walkout. That's why she waited for hours to establish unnecessary. Some sort of you know string. My whole thing is ten minutes later. Lamey mom gone so you can talk to yourself. Where was the show a started late. We've talked correspondent we in south america. We had sort of a scale. And so you know you would wait. Maybe twenty minutes for for administer a half hour for a head of state that was that was honestly for the for the folks who are putting this together for the teams working on this very big coup to have putin come first. So biden is an sitting there waiting and waiting because he's not going to do that for him. I think michael mcfaul is absolutely right. Putting them on the same stage would be diminishing joe biden's stature in the world something he's gone on this trip to reclaim for the united states of america. Let's go to moscow now. An nbc news senior. International correspondent peers simmons. Here what's on tap today. Set the scene for us. Mika

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