Don't Neglect the Power of a Coach


Today's quick tip is don't neglect the power of a coach. Look when we talk about what a coach is. It's really somebody who has done what you are doing before you has learned a lot of the things you're trying to figure out on your own and has taken the time to analyze those things and come up with a system to help you learn them. Faster coaches are not just for athletes. Coaches are for everyone. A coach can short near learning curve. And that means help you make money a lot faster and a lot quicker than you would if you did it on your own so in many areas of life your spiritual life your fitness your wealth building. Whatever it is that you're passionate about and you care about look to see how you can get some coaches in your world david. What are your thoughts on. I agree a hundred percent and i utilize this. But how do you avoid like the get rich quick guru who says i'm gonna make you rich overnight you'll pay me forty thousand dollars. Is that what you're talking about. Could it be what you're talking about. Like how do you view that. So that's not coach with that as a person who's trying to say i will help you accomplish what you want and help you avoid the journey to get there. That is what gurus capitalize on. They say if you buy my system if you pay your money if you buy these courses you won't have to learn how to build a business. You could just have a business. They make you believe that they are. You're buying a business from them from that forty thousand dollars. But you're not. They're still just going to give you the information that you have to go actually an act now. The best coaches walk you through the journey that you're trying to do and help you perform better so first off. The expense of the coaching is one. Big way that you can know that this is not legit. Now some coaches like tony robbins. I think he charges a million dollars a year. And if you're able to afford that it makes sense for you to go higher. Tony robbins is your coach. But tony robbins isn't going to tell you that he's going to make you're gonna make ten million dollars just because you spent that one million you're the one that's still go has to do it. So that's one of the litmus test that i have is when someone tells me hey if you buy this program you can get this thing if they're selling me the thing. I know it's not true. I'd be better off to spend that forty thousand dollars to go by the house. Then it would be to buy the

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