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Walden on your host daniel signs. How you doing today. Amanda i am okay. Leave it hanging out together all morning. No reason for me to ask so anyways stories chats and today we thought we talk about some of our favorite books when your kids. This is a question we got a. What was your favorite things to read. When you were younger we thought we do an episode on it and You wanna start. Give us one of your favorite books. Yes oh i had a hard time choosing just books and i have gone with a couple Authors and i'm going to start with one of the old classics role doll. Because i really loved mathilde. But i also really loved the witches and i loved danny champion of the world. There are many many books by roald. Dahl that very much loved so but matilda was probably my favorite matilda. Also a classic movie. Featuring myra wilson and danny devito and rhea perlman none of important featuring the trunch bull mathilde a book all about a little girl with special magical powers who goes to school and and she has really crummy parents and then she goes to a school where there's a really crummy principal But then she meets a teacher named miss honey and things start to go a little bit better for her and it's great. Yeah and there's magic realism. It's really fun book. Probably if you're around our age you seen the movie. It's still a great book for kids. The movie holds up. it's all great yeah And and other books by roald dahl are also really good the witches which also has just recently a movie on. Hbo max and it's another movie from our childhood. That was very scary. I don't recommend it. Also which is for slightly older kids kind of scary all right in europe. What's your favorite books from childhood that unit talk about quiz. I like my the first one. I'm gonna pick the one. I selected when i brought here today. More preamble is a light in the attic by shel silverstein. Now this is a late in the attic. And we're sidewalk ends. I know he has others. But those were the two i grew up with. You are surprisingly here choosing a book of poetry. Was that surprising i just. I thought we were doing novels. And i'm kind of i'm i'm excited. So tell us all about these books so show. Silverstein is really popular. He's a poet. He was like a travelogue writer and artist. He did all kinds of stuff. But i think his best known works are well first of all the giving tree which are not gonna talk about getting is fine. I also enjoy the missing piece. I liked that one better. Also shelves overseen. Here's a lot of stuff. But today i wanna talk about his two books of poetry light in the attic and where sidewalk ends and these are really of formative for me. I obviously write poetry. Still and sometimes they write poems and songs for the show and all that and he was a big influence. This stuff is it's all over the place he has a funny rhyming ones in kind of more straightforward Like just silly poems that don't drive just kind of non sequitur stuff. I have there is a poem. I don't remember which one it is in. But i'm like ninety eight percent certain it is shell silverstein and if it's not this out but There is this one that i memorized from one of his books that i will recite for you now because i still know it and it goes. We gave you a chance to water the plants. But we didn't mean that way now zip up your pants because he'd get it. 'cause it's it's about someone being on plants this i have another one. It's also short one. I love a genuine eater. Man told my dad turned out. It wasn't aunt eater and now my uncle's man. That's funny Yeah these these are really fun. I forgot i'm surprised. you pick these ones. I'm enjoying it. And also this is a book to the has really cool illustrations and it's all like black and white line drawings. But they're really. They're really fun and really like iconic you know for the these they just sort of evocative of memory that you know these books and i think they're great he has a very distinctive illustration style. It's like once you see at once. You recognize it anywhere. It's really great. It really fits his poems illustrate them to this is all his illustration Fun i like. That is so great. I would recommend for your kids. Pick up a light in the attic where the sidewalk ends are both both great books of poetry illustration and why don't we read one. More hot dog have a hot dog for a pet. The only kind my folks would let me get. He does mel sort of bad and yet he absolutely never gets the sofa wet. We have a butcher for a vet. The strangest bet you ever met. Guess we're the weirdest family yet to have a hot dog for a pet depot. And i love shel silverstein and i can't recommend them enough for all you families out there. If you haven't already had already. I bet you already have some books on your bookshelf by his books poetry. I think have kind of fallen by the wayside compared to giving tree and stuff. And i definitely check them out. I actually would say to One of one of our earliest episodes was a poem that dan wrote called. I think it's who. I want to be what i wanna be your who i want to be A not pull. My always felt like was very much in the style of shel silverstein kind of like a tribute to him in a way Very show and spa. And i so you can also check that out to see to hear shel silverstein influence on dan and his writing So yeah what i want to be is on spotify. We've a lot of other songs and stuff on there. Some older stuff you can check out. We'll probably put a new album of the new music on their eventually too. But right now you can check out the docking theme and what i want to be smaller stuff on spotify and all the new episodes they host a show.

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