A highlight from Prime Day is over. Now what?

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Talking tech is supported by lincoln linked in jobs makes it easy to find and hire the best candidates to get your first job post free just visit linked in dot com slash. Usa tech again. That's linked in dot com slash. Usa tech to post your first job for free terms and conditions apply neither listeners. It's brett molina and welcome back to talking tech attention. Shoppers amazon's prime day sales event which took place june twenty first to twenty second is now officially over. There were lots of deals to be had everywhere from trunks shoes to pretty much anything you can imagine. And it wasn't just amazon. A lot of other retailers caught onto such as walmart target. Lots of deals to be had but one if we told you all these deals you're spotting don't have to stop after prime day. Joining us now is usa today consumer reporter and retail guru. Kelly typo tell us more kelly. Thank you so much for being here for having me so you have a story about how you were able to get. Forty seven hundred dollars in rebates and free stuff without shopping on prime day. You can read her story on Today dot com. Tell our listeners. How you did it okay.

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