Rep. Devin Nunes on the Irony of Recent DOJ Invesitation Into Democrat Leaks


Ironies here are really troubling. Your phone records were stolen, fleeced put out there for the media, Um, to embarrass you by Adam Schiff and others They were taken from you. Nobody made a big stink about it because your Republican congressman who's been on the side of Donald Trump and against the spy gate scandal from the start. And now we see this new quote Scandal congressman where the Trump Administration may have been looking at the actual violations of the law and leaks, and it may have been some subpoenas issued for phone records and all of a sudden it's a huge media story. Uh, any well coming to look at it. First of all, it's a It's a faux fake news narrative. To begin with. This launch is on a Friday. From the same exact reporters. The New York Times reporters who took the leaks in the first place and continue to take leak, right, so then they write a story in the most favorable life. Oh, my God, there's you know, gambling in Casablanca. As if you know, investigations don't occur when the leaks of classified information leak out. So so, Dan, you you know this. If if there is a leak that comes from anywhere within the government, the agency itself Has to call for an investigation. So we get notified all the time about investigations that are occurring, you know from you Name the three letter Agency. D o d CIA, NSA, etcetera. Get notified. Look a lot of times. It's a notification about just where it wouldn't even involve Congress. It might just involved. You know some some contractors or some military personnel. And as you know, those people get prosecuted. So that's point number one is they would have been well aware of whatever investigation was occurring. They might not have known They were the targets of the investigation, but Anyone that was read into any of the programs that leaked are a target of an investigation.

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