Biden Makes False Claims About Used Car Prices


Joined by. Jim talent who has No stranger to election. But before i go to the question of jcp. Oh a to point out. jim in the last segment. I was asking people if they bought a car. 'cause the president last night said this. Let's play this for senator talent. President biden on buying a car. First of all good news is economy is picking up significantly. It's rational about it. The cost of an automobile kind of back to what it was before the pandemic all right. So senator talent. That's nuts callers have confirmed that's not so when the president is coherent. He's out of touch a mistake. Like that is kind of a bad mistake at george. H w bush not known what the price of milk is yes. Anybody was watching. I think most americans probably gave it a miss. He's focusing focusing on the production in the problem is the fed's increase the money supply over the last year. By what about thirty percents yes. It just added zeros. Which is the modern equivalent of printing money. And there's no way. The economy is going to increase production. Enough to cancel out the inflationary effects of that. And i just got regular callers. Call it in penn Ten thousand dollars more than a car. They bought the previous year with fewer miles. The president doesn't know. When do you think the last time. Joe biden bought. A car is senator talent. Oh probably what forty years ago. Not you know what. I don't know i don't know he did when he was in the senate but he hasn't for awhile and certainly not last few months. I mean my wife told me a couple of weeks ago that Here in saint louis. They were going to buy a car and they'd actually tell you they were increasing the sticker price sticker the sticker price not the price which i'm in my sixty four years. I've never heard of neither vine sticker prices. The starting point being if you just pay it

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