Why Michael Brown Understands Atheists


When i met at the age of nineteen i have been following jesus than for two and a half years. She was a hardcore atheist. Jewish atheist are mom been married four times. By the time she was eight she concluded there was no god she thought it would be wonderful. If god exists existed this eight years old but concluded that there was no god. So when when i met her she was a really a god. Macher and really thought that that faith like this was just for weak people and to the core of for being. She's a realist. I mean to this day. She is the most realistic person. I know in terms of just call This being honest with re- with reality say and yet god intervened in her life and brought it to himself. He revealed himself In fact the first thing that happened was she realized that personified evil was real and therefore is personified evil. The light went on there is personified. Good and god began to work in her life. But going through this book eric. She helped me a lot because she understands how an atheist thinks and a lot of times. Because there's no such thing as ats That always bothers her because she knows and the court for being what she believed in didn't believe and then many many atheists actually had a very lofty view of god and that god didn't seem to exist that they wanted him to others are intellectual atheists and others are just angry and things like that but there are many that atheists at a disappointment and pain. And i remember when i debated bart ehrman. It'll high state university years back on the problem of suffering. Does the bobble provide an adequate answer to the suffering and i. I was preparing for the debate. And i tell nancy okay. I'm gonna use this argument. Things great gets no is really good because down on. Let me let me tell you what that sounds like. Oh i got it. I see it so she really helps. Sensitize me in writing this. And she has so many times cried herself to sleep at night just with pain and burden for hurting world. That that it's helped me to really wrestle with issues

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