A highlight from S3 E210: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Arts


It's many people will simply something nightmare dream or nightmare washer. That back maybe even again. It's like in the daytime would also regularly again. These dream in the time comes a nightmare or in the conscious time way of something. I reminded you triggered. It also happened that something might happen. Irregular basic dream something that had a bad day stress. Conscious doesn't feel out and can bring you. You have your best defenses up all feels like your best defense bill down while the crappiest bed day decades de that but you know you best defenses. Oldfield's the dow from all the crap people who have that sometimes reach things but buddy need to go to biggest. We'll talk about that particularly possibly. And i'm not big people in general gender acts the grind. Here help some insects necessarily even on giant africa's and you don't have an accent thing right here because mile into this on simply more address elected require explore other things we go to the farmers about the show of me all issues he st. I'm not simply more things that you can do. Two thousand more at the gas season when you spend five dollars less about the show of. That's the battle of shortcut. You wanna waste time. I wanna talk money. Market say senile additional drafts. Find something along and sometimes you find anything today. Why do steered money out of you. Because you're not coming something into stores life or you allow that side of the sec. Screw you most. Money is being more coming back on who they are. Yes you all the time. But i digress. Allow all right. I'm surprised they don't have a sign out there. It has to be done. We have gas and many ways. You screw you. It could be more than anything else. Like alcohol digress. A sense that you might not be drink has to be dealt unknown. People that that you ragging so to speak for thirty five you can be a lifelong doesn't mean they need where things could push them on people who Off the wagon. Sometimes it's not just me that phone call so you're not running who Who sponsor they call matter of somebody. That's worse than losing you. So give it work all your will. They know this. And you gotta calm yourself down. I i'll tell you don't give it work firefighters. Which is why. I can't imagine this b- department is canada. So he got knightrider which is why do people. You don't wanna go that high. Half the department is killing us. He had a situation in. But why is because. I don't wanna get out how much how much smells musky your in a fire that everything's going to solve anything about okay. How me much manual lane. Horrendous act do you have to do everything off a little bit of everything around you. Far things can happen. Things can city with accident and everything around you can have with himself all the time in five days research where he was able to rescue never realized they went through hell and back to be able to do so. Let's get now live lively themselves in six hundred wealth problem debt change and he didn't realize he didn't. I don't know talkative things He used to got This life outlook had changed family. He's really didn't he's talkative. And let's for the short term. I guess you could say humorous in the routing data. We do with somebody in the family. Somebody mike that way. Just trying think you need to get some psychological. He's him the room. It's you should always somebody in the moment. Really when it comes to talk to some people would expect even might be. It's not the moment you gotta give pins room so everything in this guy taking on a wonderful longer than purley that's greet that's why you hear people all the time. Say that sometimes. And i can't believe itself but people they assume early so that people semen out shot some absolute reason why man. I can't believe he just hung himself. That people may are not being blind to it all on this and that but unless you really really know that if people to on this show and now i mean can put on a good show legible beer and you know we really know now he the with somebody. You're going to let it go even if that means. Somebody came some plano suicide. And i'd like to be able to help you save a lot of people's lives but even if that means you stay on my place most of us as we get older. I guess they don't even interview for that most valued that jokes but guess what typical you personally don't even suspect it. And that's why i had thoughts are out there. Docile purposely jokes about it was too late. It just didn't know he didn't realize this didn't cry out. That has fine out. Tom is a couple of months insulate when he went to fight. Aligarh the fire. He after this horrible has happened wasn't all that big and bad commotion into it. You

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