How Come It's OK When Obama Says It?


How come it's ok. When obama and the democrats note demographic changes happening in the country. But if i say it it's white supremacy right mr producer. How come how come when you look at the census data and you look these various Entities like gallup and you see it with your own. Two eyes obama brags about biden. Brags about it. The democrats brag about it. This is what the democrats want. This is what the democrats are doing. That's why the borders open. I've written about this talked about this. It's liberty and tyranny. How come we mentioned. Look what they're doing. Oh you must be white. Supremacist is barack obama. White supremacist. now that's number one. That's number one and this is purposeful what they're doing. Whatever you think about it this is purposeful. What they're doing number two white. America is Resentful and white. America fears this wide. America's resentful and white. America fears this. I don't know of white. America is there are people in this country. All walks of life all backgrounds all races who do not believe the border should be open to sex offenders and coyotes and a little kids coming across the border without their families. Mcallen texas is right on the border with mexico. It's eighty five percent hispanic. it's a heavy democrat city. They just elected a republican mayor. So the lie. That's out there. By obama and his ilk radical american marxist ilk and the media is that only white people and white supremacists are concerned about what's happening to the country. Now that's not true.

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