Essential Questions to Ask Your Future Self


We need to talk about the empathy gap so the empathy gap is why we sometimes hate on people on the other end of the political spectrum. Or it's five. Maybe we shrug our shoulders. The problems of those who look different or live different or love different than we do. It's why we almost certainly aren't doing enough to protect our kids and grandkids from climate change. Its can just be difficult sometimes to care about people that we don't know or to do right by people who don't even exist yet. But what if. I told you that that same empathy gap can also get in the way of us doing right by ourselves in our twenties and beyond and before i go on let me say that everything about to talk about also applies to all of us out there who are well beyond twenties but for a little bit of background in twenty thirteen. I gave a talk about. Why are twenty matter. So it's about almost ten years later. I'm still a clinical psychologist. Who specializes in twentysomethings. But these days the twentysomethings i ac- they know their twenties matters so they want to get there from right. They wanna move to the right city. They wanted to take the right job. They wanna find the right partner. They wanna have the right answers well. The bad news is there are no right answers. There are no right answers for where you should live or where you should work or how you should settle down. These are what are called large world problems because there are just too many unknowns now app no algorithm know. Any of them can ever solve these problems. Or answer these questions for you but the good news is because there are no right answers. There are no wrong answers. There are only your answers. So you're twenties or a great time to listen to be honest with yourself. There a great time to have a conversation with your future. Self so philosopher. Derek parfitt said we neglect our future selves because of some sort of failure of belief or imagination.

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