The Science Behind How Parents Affect Child Development

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A few years ago a student came up to me. After the second day of my class on parenting and child development. She hesitated for a second and then she confessed. I'm really interested in this material. But i was hoping your class would help me to become a better parent if i have kids someday. She was disappointed. We were going to talk about how parents do not have control in shaping who their children become. She jumped to the conclusion that my class wouldn't help her. I was caught off. Guard would confronting the science of parenting and child development not be relevant to being a good parent. I hope that my class her mind parents want what's best for their children young and old parents rich and poor married and divorced and parenting books. Promise to show how to achieve the best outcomes to address the difficult decisions that parents face every day and in the process to reveal why each of us turned out the way we did. the problem. is that parenting books and conflicting messages tiger parenting or free range. Parenting the dutch. To raise the happiest kids in the world. Or like the germans to raise self. Reliant children the one consistent message. Is that if your child isn't succeeding. You're doing something wrong. there's good news though. The science supports a totally different message. That is ultimately empowering trying to predict how a child will turn out based on choices made by. The parents is like trying to predict a hurricane from the flap of a butterfly's wings.

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