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Well that was kind of anti climatic. Megan it's screwed up at the beginning but torretta here this thanks to take. Yeah hey rob hi hi. I'm i'm doing good. You know things are with podcast. Conferences is starting to get real now a little bit more. I saw that there was some some square artwork out there promoting speakers for podcast movement. I saw starting to pop up on social media. So you know. Podcast movement is on the horizon. And not only that. We probably committed to three or four. Non podcast conferences. That are going in person so you know so it. It is the season to start getting to go and of course every proposal. I sent over to berry in the team. I'm like here's another five k. Or another ten money star. Start flowing right. Yeah right that kind of goes along with it. And then i'm going to be flying out to la Here this weekend for the nba awards. Oh you know. I had happening. I had a You knows what those things too. Because last year we got our. You know we didn't have any budget for events are hardly any travel so having that extra you know having that extra cash to put on other things last year had roll it back and say okay. You can't use that money this year for that we you know we gotta travel budget and our event budget back. So i'm excited can't wait. Yeah it's it's it's gonna be fun. I guess it's only what eight nine weeks away some. I don't a trying to figure out how how many weeks it is until it's in week in august So it's ten ten weeks away or something like that and weeks away for the. It is and You know so but good good good stuff but you know i think for today we've got a lot of stuff to get through because you know right off. The top of the bad is the i. e. b. right said that. Us advertising revenue will grow to two billion dollars by twenty twenty three. And i'm thinking okay. There has to be a lot more podcast. They'll be able to spend another billion dollars advertising because we kind of limped across the one billion mark of a couple of years late. i might add variety and it wasn't exactly like overwhelming running across. They say it's going to happen this year. It hasn't even really happened yet right so and they're not saying it's going to happen next year. It's going to happen two years right to two billion by twenty twenty three. Yeah right so you know. I think it's indicative of the of the advertising market podcasting. It's it's just. It's just not growing that much because it's really not the primary thing that's going on and podcasting. Advertising is is a part of podcasting but now you know we've got subscriptions now that are going to start you know that's gonna become a you know what people track as a billion dollar part of the industry to i. The is the subscription part. So look for forecast coming from somebody around you. Know what's the whole revenue for for subscriptions in podcasting so embassy. Anybody kinda step up and start that process yet. But i'm sure it's coming. I talked to a media buyer What was it. Today's wednesday may be monday and He said they will not run. Host read ads as dynamic ad. Insertion eighth had bad luck. Why add performance. They would only run ads. Host read that are built into bitten baked in. I thought whoa that's i. I've heard that and i said to myself you know. I said that sounds to me like an execution problem. Not a you know. Because he and. I didn't tommy but they they were really Sat he says if you're doing. I don't want anybody that's and i said well. Is it because you want the inventory in their long term or i was trying to press and This particular media buyer justice had bad luck with the hosts read. Ads dynamically inserted. I'm and i love to know the shows that he's running. Had you know had issues i would. I'd love to go listen to that content. Well it's also. I think it could be coming from pushback from the buyers right. They're used to getting perpetual plays offer. Those buys because it's baked into the content ninety starting to use dynamic that means that those ads are gonna come out and ninety percent and shows it. Don't matter right. Yeah no that's true. That's true as far as getting downloads. After right after that that first initial four-week wind on a strobe goes contrary to what this report says says dynamic answered ads which enable ad placement appointing of listeners download. It's it's files are built than they downloaded. Increase share revenue from forty eight to sixty seven percent. Year-over-year i it's to me. That sounds okay. So announcer read pre reduce ads increase from twenty seven percent to thirty five percent so hold on here announcer read pre produce ads. So that doesn't make any sense. As host read contains the repeat over half of revenue. Okay host read so they talking about a geico commercial it's been pre produced. it's not by the host. Is that what they meant. Increase from twenty seven to thirty five percent. I mean these are kind of potentially interchangeable scenarios between the host reads and The the reproduce. You know agency ads. Gam that are often oftentimes used in streaming online radio or radio So i think it's could be a blended trend here that we're looking at. But but yeah. I think that the pullback from using histories and dynamic i think is more of a pushback from the the buyers i think is really where that's coming from. But you know. Where's this brain advertising landing. i'm not hearing brand advertising. Still in podcast. I'm hearing dr. And but they're said forty five percent of twenty twenty revenue as brand advertising so the okay then usually brands do pre produced. So there's a mismatch. There's there's an offset there so you consider twenty seven to thirty five percent renounce a red pre produce ads and brain advertising's at forty five percent. Then we can contend third. I at least going to contend the twenty seven to thirty five percent of the brand advertising was produced and ten percent was brain advertising. Done by a podcast. I would assume that that would be a a proper interpretation of that. There is a spillover there. Because that percentage is higher so yeah some brands are buying into the near the host read side because that would almost bet that almost are all. Dr is host read. I would almost you know i. I would almost bet that it's not says it's fifty one percent was dr In any when. I say diario direct response. It's like something with a promo code. Or you buy a product at seventy six percent mid roll spot. Placements continue account for three fourths of the revenue. I

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