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Five o'clock in the morning. Your next report coming up at 10 54 I'm J. Phillips on Co Moh news. The Kamo forecast well that summer like weather couldn't last forever. Could it tonight. Breezy rain at times overnight lows in the forties and tomorrow. Slight chance of rain in the morning showers. Slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon highs only in the low sixties and Wednesday. Mostly cloudy chance of rain in the morning showers likely slight chance of thunderstorms by afternoon again Low sixties. Thursday. Partly sunny chance of rain in the afternoon. Mid sixties. Mostly sunny Friday. Upper sixties Saturday, mostly sunny mid seventies next week, Sunday and Monday. Partly sunny, slight chance of rain upper sixties overnight lows in the forties. That's your latest weather from the Coma forecast team. Start your morning fresh with Wendy's $3 Classic breakfast deal. Choose between a classic sausage, egg and cheese or classic bacon, egg and cheese, then pair that breakfast sandwich with a small season potatoes for just three bucks. So ditch the pre made and start your day with made to order. Shoes, Windies and start fresh with a $3 classic breakfast deal. Chiu's wife choose Wendy's Limited time only during breakfast

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