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Still hold the Kremlin accountable, Analysts say. Groups like those that shut down the colonial pipeline often operate with permission or even help from foreign governments like Russia's. They also point to the Russian government cyber infiltrations into multiple federal agencies in systems and longstanding campaigns to provoke the West. The president says the U. S will hamper these organizations ability to operate while these cyberattacks accelerate. The Biden administration, like its predecessors, is left to figure out how it can Get companies to bolster their own cyber defenses and how the U. S government can prevent these attacks. Fox is Rich Edison. Meanwhile, police say two Children had been found dead in a suburban Phoenix apartment after a woman told police she was hearing voices telling her to kill her Children. Officers went to the woman's apartment Saturday and found a nine year old girl in a seven year old boy dead. Police say the woman is being detained. America is listening to Fox News. Fox Nation presents podcasts, Women of the Bible Speak I'm Shannon Bream, host of Fox News at night and author of the new book. Women of the Bible. Speak the Wisdom of 16 Women and their lessons for today, where I Examine the timeless stories of women in the Bible. Join me and some of my friends for this limited podcast series as we discuss what it means to be a

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