Disney's Streaming Growth Slows as Pandemic Lift Fades, Shares Fall


Disney earnings of far surpassing expectations earnings per share grew thirty. Two percent to seventy nine cents. Instead of falling by fifty five percent as analysts had anticipated though the company's revenue came in a bit light but as you see that stock dropping slower-than-expected streaming subscriber that seems to be weighing on disney shares. Right now the company grew disney plus subscribers to one hundred three point six million but that's lower than the one hundred and nine million disease plus subscribers analysts anticipated. All the call. Just now. Though i have to know the disney. Cfo so that subscriber growth in the third month of the quarter was faster than growth in the first two months now on the earnings call as well ceo bob shape just announced. Two new sports rights deals that will bolster the library of content on espn plus including an extension of his deal with major league baseball. Through two thousand twenty eight with the option to simulcast all live mlb coverage for espn networks on espn plus as well as an eight year. Deal with la liga. That's spanish league. Football covering both english and spanish language rights

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